Guidelines for Best Practice in Restructure and Redeployment

Organisations change. Organisations need to change to survive and grow. A shift in organisational strategy to support business growth will have implications for your people and what you need from them. Organisations operate within an increasingly complex business context which promotes the need for more rapid action in order to realise opportunities or mitigate threats to secure future business success. This increasing complexity is requiring businesses to adopt more agile organisational structures and routinely reconsider whether the structures in place are adequate and appropriate.

Our intent in writing this Best Practice Guide is to provide advice to clients undergoing significant organisational change, on how to redeploy their workforce in alignment with changing strategic demands. We focus in some detail on the role of HR in managing talent through change that involves restructure, redeployment and often redundancy.

We also look to the post-restructure environment and discuss what organisations can do to ensure their survivors are looking to the future rather than over their shoulders.

The guide is designed to be pragmatic and accessible, making reference to best practice based on our varied past experiences working on redeployment projects.


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