Unpacking the Value of Assessments in Personnel Decision Making

The success of an organisation is intrinsically linked to the quality of the employees within that organisation. In order to have the best employees for a role it is critical that you select the right candidates – those that have exceptional skills and whose talents, values and motives best fit the organisation’s culture, structure, and reward systems; develop employees with potential; and create teams that work effectively together.

Each of these aspects requires a thorough understanding of the individuals that you are hiring and working with. And while there are many ways to gather information on employees or prospective employees, ranging from CVs, interviews, reference checks and so on, these are all fallible in the sense that they are not objective sources of information and they are highly variable, which makes comparisons between individuals difficult to accomplish.

Psychometric assessments provide a means of assessing candidates in an objective, standardised and comparable way. In addition to this overriding utilitarian factor, there are also significant other benefits to be gained by making use of psychometric assessments in personnel decision-making contexts. These value-adds are explored in detail within this white paper.

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