The Key to Successful Innovation Includes Diverse Leadership

SHL and Newton co-host an event in Rome to showcase the enormous potential that diversity in leadership brings to every management team.

As a Managing Director at SHL, I have the fantastic job of engaging in speaking events on a regular basis. I enjoy getting to know people from all over Europe and discussing the opportunities that exists for them and their businesses when they partner with SHL to build a talent strategy that truly utilizes their best asset – their people!

I am particularly looking forward to an event on 9 December, in which SHL is partnering with Newton at the Newton Factory in Rome, Italy to host “Diversity is Inclusion – Inclusive Leadership Dialogues”. If you’ve been reading our blog, then you have noticed that SHL prioritizes diversity and unbiased talent decisions as a major point of view in our thought leadership and solutions offerings. We have committed to years of research on this topic and found that diversifying leadership leads to greater success in almost all contexts of leadership challenges. It is now more important than ever to utilize talent strategies that use transparent assessment tools and unbiased scientific rigor, especially given the recent concerns discussed in the news.

Our hope for this event is to create an opportunity for organizations to gain access to empowering discussions and tangible solutions that could change their corporate culture and make their environments truly inclusive. We will involve speakers from profit and nonprofit organizations and with different professional backgrounds, to lead open discussions on these issues, as well as demonstrate tools and present research from SHL and Newton. Finally, we will showcase success stories where companies saw positive outcomes by increasing diversity in their leadership team as well as explain how they achieved this outcome.

As a leader at SHL, a woman, and a speaker at this event, I am excited to empower and advise businesses who are growing a more diverse workforce. If you are interested in learning more about how SHL can help you grow a more diverse and transformational workforce, then contact us!


Author: Ornella Chinotti