SHL Report “Talent Assessment Impact”

Organizations often succeed or fail according to the strength of their people. They are their most costly investment, their biggest risk—and provide their greatest opportunity to move ahead of competitors.

Since we last produced this report in 2014, the world of work has evolved. Organizations are experiencing changes to the working environment that drive an ever higher need for precise, objective talent decisions. In this new world, talent assessment provides:

  • Real-Time Precision in a Fast-Moving World
  • Insight into the Looming Leadership Crisis
  • An Edge in the Escalating War for Top Talent
  • Opportunity to Strengthen Employer Brand
  • Data to Proactively Manage Internal Mobility and Career Paths

So it’s no longer a question of whether to use objective assessment tools or not, it’s more about finding ways for both companies and candidates to gain greater value and insight from the experience.

Most importantly, it is critical for organizations that do deploy assessments to use the outputs to boost workforce performance and maximize employees’ potential in order to realize competitive advantage and ultimately drive growth in the current work environment.

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