How Strategic Talent Data Supports Digital Transformation in your Organization

SHL featured in the German Harvard Business Manager – September issue – Demonstrating How Transformational Talent Data Can Lead to Business Outcomes

SHL recently published an article in the German Harvard Business Manager describing how to use strategic talent data to support your organization’s digital transformation. These new analytical approaches lead to desired business outcomes like better customer experiences and loyalty, rapid innovation, and stronger global networks and partnerships.

But companies cannot rely on IT alone to thrive in the new digital era – you need the right people who have the greatest potential in the best-fit jobs. And we have all painfully experienced the costly exercise of “following your gut” on hiring decisions.

But really… how can you possibly know if your organization is ready for digital transformation? Is there a way to truly understand how to strategically create a talented team that can meet your organization’s needs today and in the future?

Never fear! SHL has developed a new Digital Readiness tool that uses transformational talent data to:

  • Map your strategy to behaviors and digital contexts that matter most to be successful
  • Objectively assess workplace behavior and potential using predictive science-based assessments
  • Review strengths, gaps, and themes at individual, functional and organizational levels
  • Compare talent internally and externally with relevant industry benchmarking
  • Leverage objective, insight-based recommendations to drive talent decisions, process improvements and business impact

Contact us and ask for a demo of our new Digital Readiness tool and learn how you can prepare your organization for the digital world by electrifying your candidate experience and build an engine of predictive talent data.


Author: Jora Gill