Unsupervised Online Assessment

SHL recognises that on-demand online solutions are now the reality in the assessment of people at work. During 2005 alone, we administered over one million assessments online. Organisations large and small are alert to the massive cost benefits of testing andidates unsupervised online for selection, particularly when screening large numbers of applicants during a Recruitment programme. In this context, “unsupervised” means that there is no person present with the test taker to authenticate their identity and to oversee them taking the test.

This unsupervised online environment has created a new landscape in which new issues must be addressed to preserve the integrity of the test and the accuracy of the outcome. Part of the benefit for test takers is that they take tests in their chosen environment—at home, in an Internet café, or at work. Part of the benefit for organisations is the saving on costs associated with traditional supervised assessment. However, it is difficult to confirm an applicant’s true identity, or determine whether they have had assistance when tests are completed without supervision.

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