Guidelines for Best Practice in Implementing Assessments

Psychometric assessments are used as method to support the decision making process in almost every area of staff development. From selection and recruitment to promotion and succession, research has demonstrated that well-constructed psychometric tests predict job performance better than almost any other single selection method.

Psychometric assessments provide insight into the likely intellectual ability, personality and behaviours of individuals; the way they think, how they relate to others and their working style. The application of tools which are fit for purpose will deliver information towards more informed business decisions. As with any data, it is recommended that managers be guided in their understanding of the output from psychometric assessments, utilising information in conjunction with that from other sources, to validate impressions, align with values and capabilities, and highlight areas for further investigation. In addition to supporting Recruitment decisions, insights gained from relevant application of assessment tools can benefit leadership, engagement and development strategies, team enhancement and performance conversations.

The sections that follow present some of our best practice recommendations for appropriate identification and use of assessments. These recommendations are based on our extensive experience in assessment design and implementation, combined with current professional and legal guidelines in this area.

SHL’s assessment selection tools and its professional consulting services can help organisations establish hiring and promotion processes with demonstrated validity and the potential for a positive return on investment. Ultimately these enhanced processes can help organisations identify and retain top talent and have a positive impact on business results.


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