Critics & Audiences Agree! SHL Verify Interactive is a Hit

SHL Verify Interactive wins Top HR Products 2019 award for its world-class design driven by AI while meeting the highest psychometric standards on any device.

Testing has been a part of personnel selection for many years now, and it isn’t that far in the past that the typical candidate experience could include over an hour of different types of assessments ranging from boring to downright mind numbing. From a psychometric perspective, this was a great situation: we could assess a candidate on every relevant competency with as many questions as necessary to achieve the highest possible reliability. Candidates were not quite so keen on these seemingly interminable testing sessions answering what they perceived to be the same question over and over again.

Candidates Are in the Driver’s Seat

As the job market shifted to candidate-centered due to low unemployment, candidates are now faced with a choice: do I apply to the job that requires hours of dry tests or the one that offers an engaging experience and tests me in fun ways with assessments that look like the job I would be performing? The data overwhelming demonstrates that the latter is preferable.

Verify Interactive Is Born!

Creating a positive candidate experience that is also psychometrically sound is no easy task, especially when it comes to measuring the critical reasoning skills so important in the evolving digital workplace. It took collaboration between psychometricians, IT developers, user experience experts, and graphic design specialists to yield SHL Verify Interactive, a suite of cognitive ability assessments designed to measure critical reasoning skills in a job-focused and engaging manner.

And Critics and Audiences Agree…

We are pleased to announce that SHL Verify Interactive has been named one of HR Executive’s top HR products of 2019! While we are very excited about this achievement, the goal of SHL Verify Interactive was to improve the candidate experience, so what do the candidates have to say about it?

After completing a SHL Verify Interactive test, candidates have the chance to rate the test and provide some feedback.

Over 77% gave the test a star rating of 4 or 5 out of 5.

Most candidates feel that the tests are appropriate for the roles they are applying for, and despite these tests looking quite different from the standard cognitive content, the vast majority were clear on how to complete the innovative question types.

Many candidates also took the opportunity to provide some comments, most of which were positive. Candidates appreciated that they could take the test on any device they wanted, and our research shows that they need not be concerned about getting lower scores when using smaller internet enabled devices.  Here are some examples:

Critics have proclaimed SHL Verify Interactive a winner, and candidates agree! We are excited about this achievement and look forward to improving the experience of as many candidates as we can.

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Author: Darrin Grelle